let’s lost in space together
leave the world behind
and the animal skin turns to leather
i know the world is blind

let’s lost in space together
we’re nowhere to be found
dancing together
in flightless motion we’re bond

let’s lost in space together
wandering the universe
wandering with no limit
wandering a new world..

the way i see it

sometimes you just have listen to your heart.don’t think too much,it’ll just make you lost..

bla bla bla

i just don’t think to move to another planet is a solution. it’s like taking off our responsibility to our home(temporarily) that we so called mother earth. we polluted it, we take it’s resources, we endangered plenty of other species, the we just gonna walk away?so selfish we are..



the end..??

in the end…


your jobs stuck somewhere

you have no idea what happen

you running in circle

what will you do?


the world you used to know is changing

your successful life turned you down

even your age turning you down

you’re aging


you found a love

forever you said

is it?



..nothing is forever

the sweet sorrow of the moon

so, now the moon wondering the universe…
i’ll find my own center of galaxy
i’ll find a new planet to hold on

i’m no longer feel your gravity
nothing keeps me in place
i see every other moon has it’s own companion
only meteorites wonder like this
and i’m no meteorites
i am lost

the years we’ve been through..
i pull yours and you pull mine
that invisible force keeps us dancing
makes me alive even if i just a lump of rock
..that i’ll never forget

i’m moving fast now
swirls around to meet my doom
black hole grab me and i can’t let go
black hole grab me and i won’t let go
cuz wondering alone in universe gives me chill

the darkness of black hole doesn’t scare me
in the darkness of black hole i can see
my new home
our new home
i’ll wait u here
in black hole..

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